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Traditional Chinese Medicine has it’s on philosophy and it’s on theories, which are noticeably different from those of Western Medicine practices. The diagnostics and treatments are unique and Chinese Medicine is focused on prevention of illnesses and maintaining health.  Human life is seen as a process full of changes and within this process internal and external causes can contribute to disorders.

Possible disorders create symptoms, which can be found by looking at the overall appearance, color of the face, listening to one’s voice and breathing, and also by looking at one’s tongue and feeling one’s pulse.

Inner causes for illnesses are such emotions that one is experiencing for a too long time or too strongly and it results in disturbing the body’s natural balance. Emotions are linked to bigger organs, for example fear is related to kidneys and anger to liver. When treating bigger organs we can treat also disturbances in the emotional life.

The symptoms get a diangosable meaning only after they are linked to each other, in other words with just one or two symptoms it is impossible to know the true problem. That is why every person’s headache is unique and needs unique treatment. Everyone who catches a flu catches it fro their situation and personalized treatment is required. Traditional Chinese Medicine is holistic. Not only the symptoms are treated but also the misbalance creating the symptoms. Treatment also includes evaluation of one’s ways of life and nutritional guidance according to Chinese Medicine is provided.

Moksa (moksibusi)

Moksa (moksibusi)

Acupuncture needles


The diagnostical terms in Chinese and Western medicine are seldom directly comparable. A syndrome in Liver called rising Yang is related to various Western diagnostical terms like migrane, tinnitus, high blood pressure, dizziness etc. Treatment can include acupuncture needles, warming with moksa (moksibusi), acupressure, fireneedles, massaging and others.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat all kinds human illnesses. I have seen good results with migrane, sciatica, muscle tension, sleep problems, constipation, asthma, menopause problems and menstrual pain to mention a few.

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